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assembly & test

assembly & test


High speed assembly & test of complex products requires many different technologies.  With Kinemetrix’s Agile Automation, you get:

Flexibility to assemble a variety of product versions on the same line

Minimal changeover time

In-process inspection of each assembly step


Assembling requires joining, and Kinemetrix can automate the ones that your product needs. Process monitoring can also be included to detect errors. Processes include:

Laser Welding

Press and Snap Fit with Force and Displacement Monitoring

Mechanical Fastening with Torque and Displacement Monitoring

Deformation Fastening

Clip Insertion

Single Part Adhesives such as hot melt or RTV

Two-Part Adhesives such as Urethane with temperature, humidity and ratio controls

Ultrasonic welding

Heat staking


Parts to be assembled must first be presented to the automation.  Kinemetrix uses traditional methods where appropriate.  These include:


Pallets & Trays

Vibratory Bowls & Tracks

Agile Feeding can leverage your investment by allowing the automation to assemble a wide range of products.  Robots, machine vision and clever mechanical design are used to handle a wide variety of parts. 

Robotic Bin Picking can reduce material handling costs by allowing robots to pick parts directly from totes and bins.  3D vision and sophisticated path planning are used to guide the robot. 

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