Embedded System

Embedded system is a computer system designed for specific application. But if the quantity is not large, the design is a heavy overhead of the total embedded system. To share common resources and keep particularity of an application, PCI104 embedded system is the best choice. JS automation pioneered the embedded system of uClinux ready ARM9 cpu board and matching digital i/o and analog i/o boards.

The CPU 6901 cpu board embedded system runs at 200Mhz with USB, IDE, COM with PC like interfaces.

DIO6216/6208 embedded system is photo isolated; I/O enables the On/Off control of industrial devices. AIO6328 embedded system analog I/O can access the analog input or output voltage to under control devices.

Embedded system ARM9 based CPU card at pc104 plus form factor and standard. One can expand I / 0 via the PC plus bus and running the system OS on free Linux.

Other Products

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