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Hauser H55-400 the expandable jig grinding machine

Hauser H55-400 the expandable jig grinding machine

Hauser H55-400 the expandable jig grinding machine, from simple bore and form grinding machine to fully automatic high-tech grinding and hard milling cell. Now with a new Hauser jig grinding/hard milling head which provides an unparalleled variety of grinding and milling strategies with its Z, C and U configuration. With its high grade rigidity and stiffness plus a significantly boosted stroke speed & frequency this has lead to the doubling of stock removal capacity, reducing grinding cycle time, whilst cutting in half spark out time. Hydrostatic guided spindle bearing system allows circular accuracies better than 0,5 µm in planetary grinding and an unparalleled U axis capacity up to +47 mm increases the grinding autonomy. Automated taper grinding is available with Z U axis interpolation. Thanks to this most modern grinding head technology, the combination of high accurate jig grinding with complementary hard milling has become a Hauser focal point. Usable surface 1440 x 860 mm, permissible load 800 kg. / optional 1500 kg

Product Features

  • All new Hauser jig grinding head with both grinding and hard milling capacity

  • Sliding guideways wherever required.

  • Linear guideways wherever possible.

  • Absolutely smooth stroke reversal.

  • Measuring systems optimally positioned with regard to the measuring technique.

  • Axis drives in the centre of friction.

  • ATC automatic tool changer, option.

  • State-of-the-art designed 70S ATC grinding motor, option.

  • CBN dressing unit with HF drive, option.

  • MSS – multi-sensor-system for automatic suppression of ‘air grinding’ and for automatic grinding wheel calibration, option.

  • Optional measuring probe.

  • Rotary and rotary tilting axes (A and A-B axes), option.

  • Automatic taper grinding with help of Z-U axis interpolation.

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