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Container Loading

Container Loading

Container Loading

Loading and unloading containers are gruelling work, and loading or unloading them takes time. Although you can use a forklift truck to transfer loads into containers, there are quicker ways. One is by using one of our container loading systems.

Below we look at our container loading and lifting systems, at different types of containers and how to load containers. We start by looking at our container loading solution.

what are container loading systems?

A container loading system is a system designed to help you load cargo into a container or unload it from the container more easily.

We offer a manual loading system that’s specially designed to load sea containers and box ones. The system is similar to our skate and track system but has added hydraulics. The skates run down a steel track placed temporarily on the container floor and the platform one. A hydraulic pump elevates the track, which raises the skate and, in turn, lifts the load clear of the platform. You can then roll the load easily into the container or out of it.

Using our container loading system, which can handle up to 27 tonnes, you can load pallets from 1.2 metres up to 13.2 into your container. You can move these heavy loads quickly without needing an open-top container or a side-loading one, containers which can both be expensive.


Not only do we provide container loading systems, but we also offer a hydraulic lifting system, which we call ‘MDS’ and is specially designed to help you lift sea containers or box ones from the chassis to the ground, and vice versa. This lightweight system can cope with up to 35 tonnes and level the container with the loading platform.

The modular design of the system makes the operation simple. You’ll only need one person to conduct the lift onto the trailer or off it. The system consists of four electro-hydraulic jacks that attach to each corner of the container and then onto the container castings. You use a 1-tonne forklift truck to attach the jacks, and the jacks themselves are powered by a 440 v 3-phase power supply. The easy connection of the jacks to each other makes this an extremely safe way to load your container onto your trailer.

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