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Micro GC Fusion External Sample Conditioner

Micro GC Fusion External Sample Conditioner

Micro GC Fusion External Sample Conditioner

Maintains Sample Temperature and Reduces Pressure for Micro GC Applications.

High pressure samples, especially those containing contaminants, such as condensing aerosols, can be harmful to Micro GC Fusion. The External Sample Conditioner, or ESC, provides both a pressure reducing feature while maintaining the sample temperature at >50°C (122°F). This minimizes the introduction of contaminants and aerosols onto Micro GC Fusion.

Fast, Accurate Results

Combined with Micro GC Fusion, a sample can be analyzed in minutes, either on-site directly from the source or in a fixed setting such as a laboratory. Maintaining the temperature of the sample and filtering contaminants improves performance and repeatability, especially for wellhead natural gas applications.

Connect Quickly

The External Sample Conditioner uses a1/4 in. Swagelok quick connect fitting for fast easy sampling.

Easy Filter Replacement

Replacing the 7 µM filter can be done in minutes with the convenient filter door located on the left side of the sample conditioner.


  • Easily attaches to Micro GC Fusion
  • Side door for easy filter replacement
  • Use a quick connect fitting for easy sampling
  • Can be taken into the field for on-site sampling
  • Can be mounted to a fixed surface

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