Remote Radio Control Systems for Mobile Machinery

Remote Radio Control Systems for small mobile machinery and applications

The TM70 range of remote radio control is an ideal option for both fixed and mobile application. This range of remote radio control has ergonomics, durability and modularity. The combination of the different T70 transmitter models in remote radio controls, according to their associated mechanisms - dual speed buttons, single axis combiners and/or manipulators - together with the R70 receiver's compact, modular design, enable multiple standards and customised products to be created for each application. Depending on the number of switching operations or functions required, the control may be either ON/OFF type (via relays) or proportional analogue (in current - PWM - and/or voltage mode) or a combination of both. The TM70 range of remote radio control is designed to provide data return from the receiver, including modular interfaces for processing analogue and/or digital signals. The receiver also admits different connectivity with the most commonly-used industrial buses, such as CAN bus, Profibus, J1939, IQAN and RS-232 serial connection.

Ranges in TM70 remote radio control includes:

  • TM70/1-TM70/2 Handheld pushbutton
  • TM70/3-TM70/4 Console Box
  • TM70/5-TM70/6 Console Box
  • TM70/7-TM70/8 Console Box
  • Atex Handheld pushbutton TM70/1-TM70/2 and Atex receivers

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