Ethernet Remote I/O

With the accumulation of abundant experiences, we speed up to develop our products in every kind of series. To be the best supplier of remote I/O modules and embedded controllers is our future vision. Excepted i-7000 series, remote I/O modules, developed years away, ICP DAS continually released kinds of buses of remote I/O modules in 2006.Those buses include the remote access of PLC-like architecture, real-time FRnet buses such as FR-2000 series, Ethernet-based modules such as ET-6000 series, CAN bus-based remote I/O, and other related protocol converters. With our customers' expectation, ICP DAS released RU-87Pn remote I/O units with hot swap function in 2007.In addition, in order to enter the mechanism industry; and are also going to develop related products of motion control and machine vision so that we hope to meet clients' need of one-stop-shopping as soon as possible.

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