Customized Special Cylinders

Customized special cylinders are a solution to the customers need and the company is dedicated for providing pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. We develop pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders directly usable in the kind of application and in the way you want to.

Our commitment and work is valued across mechanical engineering to the high-tech medicine, from the die-cast -tool to the steel mills and power plants as well as in turbine regulations.

The customized special cylinders include Block / multiple cylinders for clamping devices and presses, Feed cylinder for turning and grinding machines, Gate and core pull cylinders for mold and die casting machines, Telescopic cylinder, Cylinder with mounted control valves, Cylinder with attached rapid traverse / operation control, Cylinders with mounted terminal unit, Cylinder with piston rod locking - mechanically and hydraulically, corrosion resistant hydraulic cylinder, Stroke / rotary cylinder and rotary actuators and Servo cylinder.

Other Products

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