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FK valve damper valve

FK valve damper valve

Robust damper valve for industrial use. Used as shut-off and control valve for gas and liquids. House with adjustable holes for mounting between flanges in both plastic and metal piping systems. The valve body is made of fiberglass-reinforced PP and is resistant to UV radiation. Liner in EPDM or Viton depends on the application. Find e s in Dimens tions d50-315.

Lockable It is easy to lock the valve in the desired position. The handle can be positioned in ten fixed-grade positions

Attach the bolts The bolts can be fastened directly into the valve

Pressure resistant Withstands pressure from both directions. It is possible to mount FK Industri as a stop valve

Integrated threaded inserts FK LUG is made with integrated threaded inserts in acid-proof steel

House UV resistant housing designed to prevent overvoltage of the flange seal. Available with replaceable damper blades and liner. Dimensions according to DIN 3202

Installation of FK damper valve

Before tightening bolts, set the damper valve with the damper blade in the open position. Check clearance of valve valve in tubes or flanges. The bolts must be tightened in a star pattern. Do not exceed specified torque. When fitting, it is advisable to lubricate the liner. Do not use mineral oil for EPDM.

Actuator types
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