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Panel Mount LED Indicator

Panel Mount LED Indicator

The Panel Mount LED Indicator is electronic devices designed for digital display of sensor signals. The indicators can be set to the desired measuring range on site by program-control. The programming is done via flush mounted keys below the front cover.

A programmable damper ensures a precise readability of the indicating value in case of pulsation or if pressure peaks occur.

Attachable indicator

The attachable indicator provides an ideal solution for local indication with simultaneous signal transmission. Due to its universal programmability and simple mounting the attachable indicator can be retrofitted even to pressure or temperature sensors which are already in use. The LED-type enables process monitoring by a built in limit contact.

Panel mount case

The multitude of feasible input signals and the compact design make this indicator suitable for various applications.

Limit contacts provide information on the status of the process being monitored.


• Freely programmable by microprocessor

• Range setting on site, no external calibration equipment needed

Attachable indicator

• For sensors with 4…20 mA – output and rectangle plug acc. to EN 175 301-803, type A

• One limit contact: contact function and hysteresis freely programmable

• Protection type IP65

• Simple handling

Panel mount case

• Input freely selectable: 0/4…20 mA, 0…10 V, 0…1 V

• Input PT 1000, PT 100 or thermocouple type K

• Two limit contacts: contact function and hysteresis freely programmable

• Compact design

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