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Slitting saw CSN 222916

Slitting saw CSN 222916

Materials: steel, cast, non-ferrous metals

Application: recommended for deep slotting and cutting materials which make longer chips, suitable for cutting thick-walled profiles (wall over 2,5 mm)

Machine: metal processing machines


  • HSS circular saw blades with rought teeth

  • hollow ground with flange, standardly produced without driving pin holes and without groove

  • tooth form B (by request BW)

  • the chip clearance isn?t so much reduced as in the case of fine teeth A and it allows to put the chips away more efficiently

  • the tolerances and hollow ground according CSN 222916

  • High quality slitting saw ČSN 222913 half-rought teeth, designed especialy for high performance. Slitting saws produced in Europe - Czech Republic.

The saw blades CSN 222916 with rough teeth and teeth form B are very efficient for cutting steel materials. In comparation with teeth form A there is much larger area for removing the chips and that?s why they enable bigger cut. They can be ordered with teeth form BW (the teeth form B with alternate chamfering).

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