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N086 pressure retaining valve

N086 pressure retaining valve


The GEMÜ N086 pressure retaining valve ensures a constant back pressure in process plants. If the inlet pressure rises above a preset value, the diaphragm is raised against the spring force. The valve opens and the excess pressure can escape into the outlet line. If the pressure on the inlet side is reduced, the spring force pushes the diaphragm against the seal seat, closing the valve. Depending on requirements, the spring force can be adjusted using a set screw and secured with the lock nut.


  • The working pressure can be very easily adjusted using a set screw and secured with the integrated lock nut. If required, the setting that has been made can be lead sealed

  • The flow-efficient design of the valve body ensures good flow rate values

  • Control errors are kept to a minimum due to the large control face and the spiral spring

  • The actuator is hermetically separated from the medium

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