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solvent and chemical batching

solvent and chemical batching

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The solvent and chemical batching system is designed for dispensing exact quantities of liquids for reactors, storage tanks, reactor vessels. Choice of pneumatically or electrically operated valves and weatherproof or flameproof batch controller make this an ideal solution for applications where automatic cut-off as well as high accuracy is desired.

Solvent and chemical batching-Fluidyne

Fluidyne's dispensing and batching systems are flexible and highly dependable. As they come with a small footprint, they are also easy to integrate within existing systems. Our Series 6730 Preset Batching systems can function independently or can be used with existing machines. They completely substitute batch mixing and facilitate on-demand metering, giving a carefully mixed product and decreased waste. Each chemical batching system offers a customized turn-key engineering design, created for specific liquids and designed to handle shifting ratio mixing, varying viscosities, and many other scenarios.

The Configuration of Chemical Batching System:

The Series 6730 Batching System is created for dispensing exact preset quantities of liquids into storage tanks, reactors, batch reactor vessels, etc. With the choice of pneumatically or electrically-activated ON/OFF valves, our weatherproof or flameproof batch controller presents a system ideal for solvent and chemical batching applications with automatic cut-off action coupled with high accuracy.


  • Automated batch dispensing utilizing Fluidyne's batching systems ensures the most difficult pharmaceutical ingredients' highest accurate delivery.
  • The system is designed with easy assembly, disassembly, and cleaning in mind.
  • Delivers the highest accuracy weight measurements.
  • Can supply dispensing and chemical batching systems wholly integrated with several processes, like batching from centrifuges or batching straight to mixers or reactors.
  • Completely automated operations, with dispensary IBC, broaching, loading, and unloading, are provided with various control systems and platforms.


The batch process is a manufacturing process that works in short bursts of time, in situations the size or scale of production does not warrant a continuous operation. Nearly all chemical and solvent production is carried out in batches, especially in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The system is also used at plants for batch solvent extraction.

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