Dust Extractor Vacuum Cleaners

Dust Extractor Vacuum cleaners – iPulse M-1635 Safe Plus is used for the toughest heavy-duty continuous use in industry, the workshop, and on the construction site. These dust extractor vacuum cleaner can also be used for vacuuming directly at the electric power tool (Concrete, plaster, stone, wood, paints and varnishes). With its intelligent impulse filter de-duster, the iPulse technology guarantees a permanently clean filter, sparing you from losses in performance and intake flow interruptions. Dust Extractor Vacuum cleaners – iPulse M-1635 Safe Plus significantly saves time and costs.

Benefits: constantly high air flow, significantly reduced system costs due to longer filter life, saves time and costs.

A highly intelligent electronics measure the current occupancy state of the filter (pressure difference measurement "PDM"). Once the factory preset vacuum value is reached, both of the filters are alternately cleaned within 3.5 seconds without interrupting work. Even the most fine and problematic particles of dusts - such as plaster - can be easily removed from the filters. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with railings for fixing boxes of the system”Systainer“.

Technical specifications of Dust Extractor Vacuum cleaners – iPulse M-1635 Safe Plus:

Data: Nominal capacity 1600 watts, vacuum max. 280 mbar, volume flow max. 75 l/s, max. reach 13 m, sound pressure level 69 db(A), container volume 35l. 5 m antistatic hose, connection sleeve and PE emptying bags in the scope of delivery.

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