ATEX EtherNet/IP Interface Module

ATEX EtherNet/IP Interface Module 4X50A

The ATEX Ethernet/IP Interface module type 4X50A is ATEX certified (zone 1, 2, 21, 22) and can be used for directly interfacing up to four digital ATEX load cells via EtherNet/IP interface. The interface module type 4X50A can also be used in non-ATEX installations

The special features include:

  • Made in Denmark
  • EtherNet/IP output
  • Weighing module for up to 4 digital load cells
  • For ATEX and non-ATEX applications
  • Plug-and-play installation with Eilersen digital load cells
  • Advanced digital filters (configurable)
  • A” Digital Junction Box” that can be mounted near the load cells or in a central panel
  • Small Form Factor
  • Setup via dip switches
  • For ATEX installation when supplied by power supply type 4051A
  • The power supply 4051A and module type 4X50A must be installed outside the hazardous zone
  • Application software can be made by request

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