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The FB Series Air Dryer

The FB Series Air Dryer


Engineered and built to deliver superior performance and continuous reliability in even the toughest oilfield, industrial or hospital applications.

Eagle's FB Series Air Dryer represents the new generation of heatless desiccant compressed air dryers that replaces multiple-valve air flow switching systems with tow proprietary shuttle valves. The result is a high performance air dryer that can stand up to the rigorous demands of continuous service with low maintenance and high reliability. Less downtime means lower repair costs and maximum production. Behind the Eagle BF Series Air Dryer's exceptional reliability is its proprietary airflow switching valve. With only one moving part that requires no lubrication, extensive testing of the FB Series has produced no evidence of wear or failure. In fact, we're so confident of our switching valve what we offer an extended warranty.


High Reliabilty

  • By replacing as many as 13 separate valves found in other air dryers with just two airflow switching valves that are tested to more than 150,000 cycles - that's more than three years of continuous operation - wear and failure are virtually eliminated.

  • Airflow continues when electricity is cut off.

Superior Performance

  • Performance is reliable to standard -40°F pressure dew point, with -100°F available.

  • The FB Series' adsorption capacity, regeneration energy and mechanical strength are tailored to the application's needs; advanced valve design ensures desiccant protection.

  • Optimal moisture adsorption is guaranteed by a controlled contact time of a t least 5 seconds.

Low Maintenance

  • Low air velocity minimizes dusting and fluidization of the desiccant, resulting in longer desiccant life. Similarly, pressure shock is prevented by slow pressurization at air flow switchover.

  • The effects of slugging with water are minimized with upflow drying.

  • Back pressure in the purge exhaust line is prevented with easily replaced muffler cores.


Optional Advanced Dew Point Control

Moisture load is monitored continuously at the dryer outlet, and the purge airflow timing is automatically adjusted to match it. This advanced feature delivers a reliable dew point (even under overload conditions), conserves dry produced air during periods of reduced demand.

Standard FB Features

  • ASME code vessels

  • Pressure relief valves ASME

  • NEMA type 1 enclosure

  • Adjustable purge air control

  • Purge air mufflers

  • Electronic timer

  • Dew point colour change indicator

  • Control air filtration

FB Options

  • Dew point control

  • Failure-to-switch alarm and light

  • High-humidity alarm and light

  • Desiccant moisture indicator

  • -100°F pressure dew point

  • NEMA type 4, NEMA type 12

  • NEMA type 7 (class 1, division 1, group D)

  • Dew point monitor

  • 50 cycle operation

  • Galvanized internal vessels

The FB Series Design

By replacing multiple-valve systems with tow non-lubricated shuttle valves - one at the wet air inlet and one at the dry air outlet - that are constructed of non-corroding materials, the FB Series delivers reliable, continuous operation. Mating parts are sealed with "O" rings to further ensure leak-free performance.

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