DM Technology

DM Technology

Chilwon-eup, Haman-Gun, Kyoungnam, KOREA

Linear Motor System

Linear Motor System

What is the Patented Linear Motor system of DMT?

DMT stator free of Permanent Magnetic : Patented Technology on Non-Magnetic Type of Stator.

Advantages of Linear Motor System:

Magnetic Free Stator : Coping with general industrial environment.

  • High precision
  • High Response Rate
  • High Speed Drive

Permanent Magnetics Least Frequently Used

Cost-effective supply price

General and commercial purpose drive control and application available

Applications of Linear Motor System:

  • Saline Condition 4-Axis Gantry System
  • Testing Machine 3-Axis Gantry System
  • Laser Printer
  • Laser Cutting System

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