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ORiN Vision

The image processing function it is implemented in the ORiN vision provider by using an open source vision library OpenCV. Necessary functions are carefully selected for vision functions, aiming for building a system easily and inexpensively. With general purpose programming languages, such as VB, C++ or Script, the development of vision application is possible. Furthermore, it is equipped with easy camera calibration function and an interactive Vision programming tool.


ORiN2 is a middleware for factory automation which is created based on the Software Interface Standard by the ORiN Forum.

ORiN2 provides two independent interfaces to access devices on the network. There is one interface for the development of Applications & Case studies and one for connecting to different devices.

The Applications & Case studies Program Interface (API) provides a common object model for all kinds of devices. Every device can be plugged into ORiN by creating an according provider. This separation of concerns allows developing Applications & Case studies and device providers independently. Furthermore ORiN2 provides protocols to connect to the Internet.


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