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CTS-27EVS Toolroom Lathe

CTS-27EVS Toolroom Lathe


  • Fully enclosed preloaded angular contact ball bearing headstock with splash shield for spindle

  • Fast lever collet chucking with a single movement.

  • Specially designed bed ways are made of hardened and ground alloy tool steel that resist wear. The angular guide ways allow chips to fall in the oil pan.

  • The spindle is mounted in high precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings eliminating radial and end play.

  • The double tools cross slide is held securely to the bed by a mating dovetail section and may be locked in any position on the bed.

  • The preloaded ball bearing turret head eliminates all play between the turret head and the turret slide.

  • The sliding ball bearing collet tray provides space for one set of collets and is within easy reach of operator.

  • High / Low speed quick change level for Convenience.

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