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Rotary Switches 1150 SERIES

Rotary Switches  1150 SERIES


A subminiature precision rotary selector switch, the SERIES 1150 is:

  • 0.320 inches in diameter
  • rated at 25,000 operational cycles.
  • It has been engineered to meet all applicable requirements of MIL-DTL-3786.
  • The basic series 1150 is available as a 1 pole, 2-10 positions or a 2 pole, 2-5 position switch. It is a non-shorting switch with 36° indexing. It has PC terminals and shaft seals for contaminant free operation.

The SERIES 1150 is well suited for avionics, communications, test equipment and command and control applications where space is at a premium and tough environmental reliability requirements are imposed.

Quality construction, including materials that meet the strictest standards, allows these subminiature switches to combine good current switching capabilities with constant low contact resistance. Long life and high reliability are assured by exceedingly stringent manufacturing processes, inspection and testing requirements.

The A1150 and B1150 are designed for the addition of a panel seal. These switches are perfect for miniature switch applications where contamination control is a must and harsh environments are expected. They are ideal when long life and precision in extreme conditions are necessary.

The A1150 uses the same body as the standard 1150 but with a smaller shaft and ferrule to allow a panel seal. The B1150 uses the standard 1150 shaft and ferrule sizes with a larger body diameter to allow a panel seal.

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