Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves

Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves are 100% inspected, high and stable quality. These solenoid operated directional valves have high pressure, large volume, low noise, smooth switch over movement. Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves consists of ISO standard measurements, high interchangeability and they are easy to install.

Features of Hydraulic Valves & Directional Valves:

  • Duo orifice designed, low resistance, high efficiency.
  • Water & dust proof electric solenoid, high safety designed.

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum operating pressure    315 kgf / cm2
  • Rated flow capacity    63 LPM
  • Maximum tank line back pressure    100 kgf / cm2
  • Maximum frequencies of operation    240 C.P.M. (AC, DC)
  • Filtration recommended    25 Micron or less
  • Hydraulic fluids    Mineral oil, recommendation temperature 0 ~ 55° C
  • Max. Temperature range -25 ~ 90 °C
  • Viscosity 10 ~ 400 CST

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