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Three Phase Frequency converter Floor standing

Three Phase Frequency converter  Floor standing

Product specifications:

  • Power range: 7.5 to 500 kW
  • Rated voltage: 300 to 500 V
  • Cooling: air
  • Operation: V/F, vector, torque
  • Overload capacity: up to 200 %
  • Frequency: 0,5 to 600 Hz
  • Shielding: IP23 (optionally IP55)
  • Shape: for mounting on the wall or standalone
  • For ambient temperature: -20 to +40°C

CAG FC1000 series frequency converter for industrial applications inverters are applicable to 3-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. With compact structure and high reliability, they are widely used in manufacturing and transportation and other industries.

  • Fan and pump;
  • Ceramic machinery;
  • Machine tool;
  • Woodworking machinery;
  • Packing and printing machinery;
  • Material transportation equipment and other universal equipment (conveyor and lifter).

Product Characteristics of Frequency converter for industrial applications  :

FC1000 series frequency inverters help users to raise production efficiency depending on their compact structure, powerful function and convenient operation.

• Under V/f control mode, the frequency inverters offer high-precision current limiting control. So the driver gets rid of over-current alarm no matter in fast acceleration/deceleration or during locked rotor. In such way the driver is protected reliably; Under vector control mode, high-precision torque limiting control allows the driver to output strong or soft torque according to the technological control of the user, and so reliably protect the mechanical equipment.

• Under V/f separation control mode, output frequency and output voltage can be set separately. This is applicable to variable frequency power supply, torque motor control and other applications.

• Wave-by-wave current limiting function: During heavy load start or abrupt increase of heavy load, this function enables automatic limitation of the output current before the over-current fault occurs, and avoids frequent tripping of the frequency inverter.

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