Bridge Bearings Ltd

Bridge Bearings Ltd

Bromley Street, Lye, Stourbridge, West Midlands,DY9 8PT United Kingdom

bi-planer chain-chain components

bi-planer chain-chain components


Bridge Bearings offer an extensive range of cruciforms, chain and chain components.

Bi-Planer Chain

Bridge Bearings are able to offer 3 standard types of Bi-Planer Chain directly from stock for self assembly, or fully assembled in specific lengths.

Products include:

  • E8 chain fitted with cast iron cruciform.

  • F8 chain fitted with cast iron cruciform.

  • Flowbridge chain fitted with pressed steel cruciform.

All chains are fitted with a range of case hardened semi-precision bearing designs incorporating crowded race and caged constructions.

A variety of sealing arrangements are available with optional high temperature grease.

Stainless bearings and balls are also available.

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