Bombas Zeda, S.A.

Bombas Zeda, S.A.

Calle Losada Margolariaren, 15, 48004 Bilbao, BI, Spain

End Suction Pumps-HCL Series

End Suction Pumps-HCL Series


  • Chemical Industry and multiple services for chemical and / or charged fluids.


  • Special fabrications of Duplex stainless steel such as Uranus, Avesta, MCU, etc.

  • Impeller closed and semi-open.

  • Engines IE3, Atex, etc.


  • Speeds between 990 and 1470 rpm

  • Temperatures up to 120ÂșC.

  • Sealed by mechanical seal or gasket.

  • The bearing support together with the impeller can be disassembled without removing the snail from the pipes.

  • Flanges DIN-2532 PN-10. On request ANSI-150 lb.

  • Direction of time rotation seen from the coupling.

  • ATEX manufacturing with optional certificate.

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