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Laboratory scale analyzer

Laboratory scale analyzer

Laboratory scale analyzer - BenchOne Biogas

Laboratory scale analyzer for Biogas a easy to use lab scale analyzer for biogas. It measures CO2 as well as CH4 in real-time. Just connect your vessel or fermenter to the inlet of this biogas analyzer, connect the off gas line and start the measurement. This reliable device makes the gas analysis for the biogas process affordable and easy. The measuring range of this biogas analyzer is 0-50% Vol.% for CO2 and 0-100 Vol.% for CH4 and it has no interferences neither to humidity nor to hydrogen sulphide. Inside the device there is also a pressure sensor to compensate pressure fluctuations automatically. The Bench One does not need a minimum gas flow and can be used for processes with a very small gas yield. You can read out all the data via 2x4-40 mA as well as via RS232/RS485.

Your advantages:

•  No minimum gas flowneeded

•  No pumps

•  Pressure  and  temperature compensated

•  Easiestinstallation

•  CO2 and CH4 measurement in one device

•  2 Displays

•  No extra gas cooler/dryer

•  RS485/RS232

Data output: 2 displays, RS232, RS485, 4-20 mA, USB

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