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A smart PLC for added keypad integration

KeyBox is an I/O, CANbus relay module specifically designed for 12V or 24V electrical loads. Compact and efficient, the KeyBox Inputs & Outputs can be connected to various powered components and fixtures on your installation i.e. lights, electric motors, bilge pumps, mechanical arms etc. also enabling you to use Blink Marine PowerKey and PowerKey Pro series keypads to command them.


KeyBox provides all the innovation of a Blink Marine technology without the cost and complexity of a larger digital system. It is designed for use primarily with vehicles or boats without the larger price tag of the more complex systems.



✔ KeyBox comes equipped with thirteen (13) fused circuits with built in relays designed to control any 12V or 24V electrical device.

✔ KeyBox can also be connected in sequence with multiple modules as well as one or more Blink Marine keypads via a single BUS communication channel.

✔ KeyBox allows the use of Blink Marine CANbus keypads in vehicle and marine applications where installations are without existing control units

✔ KeyBox allows for PWM connections (e.g. dimming lights or throttle positions)

✔ KeyBox allows the ability to create an extension of the onboard system when either more outputs or higher rated outputs are required.

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