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Parallel Slide Blowdown Valves

Parallel Slide Blowdown Valves

TaylorShaw's Blowdown valves are specified for their safe operation and high endurance. Popularly used in boiler maintenance, our uniquely designed Parallel Slide Blow down valve not only protects the boilers from severe scaling and corrosion but also safeguards the life of the people periodically inspecting and maintaining the boilers due to highly integrated rack and pinion or link type construction. The parallel slide quick action of the valve along with Blackhall's highly developed material selection and usage of innovative design and manufacturing techniques ensures a prolonged life cycle and ultimate performance further reducing the maintenance costs of our customers.


150, 250, 300, 600


Bronze, Cast Steel

Size Range:

DN15 - DN80

End Connections:

Screwed, Flanged, Socket Weld, Butt Weld

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