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VoltBoss Gate Drive Transformer

VoltBoss Gate Drive Transformer

VoltBoss Gate Drive Transformer

Our VoltBoss™ transformer series was launched in 2012 by breaking a major size barrier in low Partial Discharge designs, achieving a 50% reduction in platform sizes. We offered a Partial Discharge level of less than 20 pC at up to 2500V in a platform size of approximately 1 cubic inch. 

Our New & Improved VoltBoss™ series was introduced in 2016, providing a Partial Discharge level of less than 10 pC at up to 4500V, in the same small footprint, weighing just 2.5 oz.

Standard Platforms or Custom High Frequency Transformers

Many of our products are custom designed or modified standard designs, prepared for unique customer applications.   For modified standard or custom designs please use our High Frequency Transformer Design Worksheet to specify unique requirements.


VoltBosshigh-frequency transformers include the following models:




Ensures the inductance remains in the defined range and avoids saturation

Switch Mode:

Contains a PFC Choke, Diff Mode Choke, Output Choke, and Switching Transformer


The output voltage is a function of the current retention in the transformer

Feed Forward:

A voltage-controlled version of the current-controlled flyback transformer


Generates voltages in excess of 1 KV from a low voltage input

Buck Boost:

Increases (boosts) or decreases (bucks) the input voltage


Generates a gross voltage (15V-200V) while providing high isolation

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