Flexible Shaft

Flexible Shafts are used for transmitting rotary motion between two objects that are not fixed relative to one another. Being the foremost Flexible Shafts Manufacturers around the world, we offer three motors of different power classes, along with matching shafts and numerous hand-pieces (straight, angled, filers, belt-sanders).

We also have special solutions such as super-flexible shafts or shafts with stiff extensions in our range. Shafts against overloads will be safeguarded through our innovative slip-clutch and help to extend their standing time. Biax, Flexible Drive Shaft Manufacturer produces flexible shafts in Hilsbach, Germany, where the specialists of ‘BIAX flexible power’ have been manufacturing high-quality flexible shafts for a multitude of industries.

Sub-products of this category are:

  • Drives
  • Flexible Shafts
  • Hand pieces

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