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ETX modules ETB9F000

ETX modules ETB9F000

ETX Development Baseboard, VIA V4 compliant C7/Eden processor onboard, VIA CX700M + ITE8888G chipset, DDR2-400/533 up to 1 GB, 2 SATA-150, 1 PATA-133 supported, DualView with different content & resolution, 4 PCI Bus master, ISA Bus supported.

ETX Modules ETB9F000 Characteristics:

CPU                            ETX module

Chipset                       On the module

BIOS                           On the module; optional socket on the baseboard

USB                            4 x USB 2.0

Expansion                  4 x PCI

3 x ISA

Operating Temperature       0°C ~ +60°C (32°F ~ 140°F)

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