Automated Material Handling Project

Weighing, Batching and Material Handling Projects

With an extensive experience in Weighing, Batching and associated material feeding and handling. Some of special capabilities include:

  • Accurate and precise dosing of liquids / powders as low as 1 gram within time limits
  • Weighing under dynamic conditions with stirrer and vibrating tank in formulation systems
  • Mobile weighing, Weigh feeders, Mono rail weighing
  • Silo based and Silo Less Batching Plants
  • Controlled Material feeding with screw feeders, Conveyors and Vibro feeders
  • Batching and dosing of difficult to flow materials with very high / very low bulk density
  • Custom design of multi-speed feeders after determining flow characteristics of materials
  • Weighing with compliance to S88 Standards
  • FDA regulated traceability standards in batching and weighing

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