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Contactless Curve Measurement Unit for SV SF lenses

Contactless Curve Measurement Unit for SV SF lenses

The contactless curve measurement unit for single vision semifinished lenses is the perfect tool for the free-form laboratories.

With a capactity of more than 165 jobs/hour, the MCSFU detects any picking, supply or data error.

It measures, accurately and contactless, the radius of the front curve of the single vision semi-finished lenses.

The measured data are directly transmitted to the LMS (Lab Management System) software so that the measured data can be taken into account for the calculation.


  • Accurate Rx lenses (real front curve power taken into account for the back side calculation)

  • Immediate detection of a bad lens

  • Improvement of the production flow (better delivery times)

  • Tool to qualify your suppliers of semi-finished lenses

  • Small footprint (L 700 x W 700 x H 1700 mm)

  • Easy to integrate in the production flow

  • Easy maintenance

  • VC DCS (OMA) compatible

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