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MCD451-Motion Control IC

MCD451-Motion Control IC

Aurotek MCD451 is a multi-axis motion control IC that can be connected to a four-axis stepper motor or servo motor. It can also control the speed, position, and multi-axis line and arc tween of each axis because it is directly controlled by the IC. The drive motor does not take up CPU time at all.

Drive command
It is mainly divided into quantitative drive and continuous drive. The quantitative drive is to increase or decrease the specified pulse wave number by acceleration/deceleration or constant speed. The continuous drive is to continuously output the drive pulse wave before stopping the required interrupt signal input.

Drive speed control
The drive pulse output speed can be driven from a smooth trapezoid of 1PPS~4MPPS, and the output speed is within ±0.1% of the range of 1~8KPPS.

In addition, in the pulse wave output drive, the speed can be freely changed, or the drive speed can be increased/decreased with a certain acceleration and deceleration.

Location management
Two 24-bit position counters with internal theoretical pulse output and external actual feedback pulse technology can be used for position management in the pulse range of -8,388,608~+8,388,608. Moreover, the theoretical position counter and the deviation from the actual position counter can also be read through the register at any time.

Compare scratchpad and software limits
The internal three compare registers can read the theory, or the actual position counter, and compare the size relationship between the registers. Moreover, an interrupt signal may be required to be generated when the magnitude relationship is changed. The other two compare registers can be used as the software limit function of the ± direction.

The acceleration/deceleration drive starts at a medium speed, or the end of the constant speed, the end of each action drive, or the change in the magnitude relationship between the position counter and the compare register can require an interrupt.

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