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SWM - Quick Change Chuck With Pneumatic Connectors

SWM - Quick Change Chuck With Pneumatic Connectors

Standardize quick changers on all your robots. SWM fit on every robot make and model. Base plates are less expensive than OEM robot eoat quick changer. When equipped  it allows to run eoats on different brand robots without any alterations. Base plates are sold separately


  • Easy to use quick change system
  • Improve EOAT change over times
  • Integrated pneumatic quick release couplings


  • Security latch system only with size 3
  • Air connections
  • STN plug in nipple /NW, plug in nipple size

SWM 3 has an improved safety latch mechanism

The former retaining clip is replaced with a spring loaded pin that keeps the latch recessed during change over. To engage the latch simply pull the pin.

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