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Vortex Meters MSV

Vortex Meters MSV

The MSV Vortex flow meter is a kind of speed type flow meter, which is based on karman vortex principle. The vortex frequency “f” is proportional to flow velocity “v”, so by measuring the karman vortex frequency can calculate the instantaneous flow rate.

Vortex flow meter is widely used in industry of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, food, papermaking, and urban pipeline heating-apply, water-supply, gas-supply etc. to service the single-phase fluid of low viscosity liquid, gas, steam, etc. for process flow measuring and energy saving management.



  • Low power consumption CPU processor, LCD display


  • Installation & maintenance convenient, verification cycle about 2 years


  • Simple structure, no moving parts, long-term reliably


  • Range ability: 1:10, Turndown ratio 1:10


  • Low pressure loss, low operation cost, energy saving


  • Within certain range of Reynolds number, the output signal is not affected by the fluid’s changes in composition and physical properties. Instrument’s coefficient only relates to the vortex occurred body’s shape and size. Generally, it is not necessary to calibrate the instrument coefficient after replacing accessories.


  • Both local display and long distance transmission to computer in control room available.


  • Detecting component not directly contacting the measured medium, so instrument performance is stable.


  • Built-in temperature & pressure compensation, current output photoelectric isolated, thus a good ability to suppress common mode disturbance.

Technical data


  • Medium temperature: -25°C~ +350°C


  • Mounting style: Wafer or flange type for DN15~DN300, Insertion type for DN300~DN1000















  • Flow velocity: Steam:
    • Pressure rating: PN16, PN25, PN40, higher pressure available on request
    • Pressure loss coefficient: Cd ≤2.6
    • Accuracy: 0.5%, 1.0%, 1.5% for Wafer type and Flange type, 1.5%, 2.5% for Insertion type
    • Power supply: DC12V or DC24V for flow sensor, DC24V for transmitter DC24V, DC12V or 3.6V lithium battery for local display type
    • Signal output: Frequency 1~2600Hz for sensor , Low level ≤1V, High level ≥5V, 4-20mA (2-wire) for transmitter
    • Seismic performance: Piezo-electric crystal probe ≤0.2g, Differential capacitance probe ≤2.0g
    • Ambient temperature: -30°C ~ +65°C, -10°C ~ +50°C for transmitter local indicating
    • Ambient humidity: 5~85%RH
    • Output signal transmitting distance: ≤500m
    • Straight pipe requirement: Upstream ≥10D, Downstream ≥5D
    • Ex-protection: Intrinsically safe explosion-proof: Exia II CT2 - T5
    • Weather proof: IP65 for ordinary type, IP68 for submerged type
    • Transmitter casing material: aluminum alloy Body material: SS304, other material on customer request

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