Industrial 1U server chassis

The SCB-1812 (Industrial 1U server chassis) is a 1U Rack-Mount high-performance networking system which is developed based on Intel® Broadwell-DE Xeon D-1500 Processor family.

With the multi-core (up to 16 cores) Intel® Broadwell-DE Xeon D-1500 Processor CPU, 24MB cache and 32 PCIe lanes onboard, Industrial 1U server chassis offers mightiest CPU computing power and unparalleled flexibility for various expansion card (such as network interface modules and encryption/decryption cards).

Features of Industrial 1U server chassis:

  • Intel® Broadwell-DE Xeon D-1500 Processor family
  • Two-channel DDR4 Registered 2133/2400 MHz memory, max support 128GB
  • Max support 2 x PCIex8, 1 x PCIex16 slots for expansion LAN module, up to 8GbE Copper/ 60Gbe Fiber ports
  • 1 x 2.5” or 1 x 2.5”SSD tray support
  • 1 x Riser card for PCIe slot expansion
  • 1 x mSATA
  • 1U Single PSU

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