COM Express Modules

COM Express Modules are the most widely used COM standard. The standard defines the physical size, interconnect, and thermal interface for a COM.

The original COM Express specification was written to support peripherals that were available at the time of release - including USB 2.0, SATA, PATA, Ethernet, VGA, LVDS, SDVO, PCI, and PCI Express Gen 1. Several pin out types were defined by PICMG with each one having a specific combination of peripherals, expansion interfaces and connector layout. The most widely used COM Express module is a type 2, followed by type 1.

The updated specification was called "PICMG® COM.0 rev 2.0" and defined a new type 6 that allowed for HDMI, DVI and Display port display interfaces, for USB 3.0 and for more PCI Express lanes. Besides the pin out changes two more form factors where formalized: COMPACT (95x95mm) and Mini (84x55mm).

We built COM with built-in SEMA Cloud functionality is ready-made for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. ADLINK COM Express modules are able to connect legacy industrial devices and other IoT systems to the cloud, extract raw data from these devices, determine which data to save locally and which to send to the cloud for further analysis.

The results these analyses can provide valuable information for policy decision making and generate innovative business opportunities.

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