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Accu-Router Inc

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Series II-3-Axis

Series II-3-Axis

Series II (3-Axis): Forerunner to Series III, Now Ideal Platform for Green CNC Modernization

  • Predecessor to current model Series III (1986-89)

  • No longer in new production - only re-acquired & modernized via Green CNC

  • Green CNC: customer can provide used Accu-Router or competitive brand for upgrade, or we can source on their behalf

  • Once limited by speed (round rails vs THK, non-"spin the nut" screws) & narrow gantry (sufficient travel for only one routing spindle & auxiliary air drill)

  • Single table sizes range from 4x8’ to 5x12’

  • Spindle: manual collet, push-button quick change, or automatic (rack or carousel)

  • Optional programmable electronic drill (32mm centers)

  • Speeds up to 3,000 in/min (XY), 800 in/min (Z)

  • Customizable holddown: vacuum, rollers, flip pods or combination thereof

  • Numerous options for enhanced material squaring and workflow, up to fully-integrated load/unload

  • Series II Classic with pre-owned electronics ideal for smaller production & budgets

  • Series II High Velocity: gantry extended 12" to accommodate programmable 5-drillhead plus spindle, hi-speed THK rails & screws

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