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Siemens presents Sitrans LR100 series 80 GHz radar transmitters, compact instruments with a narrow beam for flexible installations in existing vessel openings—or even non-intrusively through plastic vessels. The transmitters’ 80GHz high frequency delivers robust, reliable measurements even in challenging environments such as those with vapors, condensation, turbulence, or solids. The custom microchip technology delivers fast response and extremely high sensitivity to detect even t Read more...

Siemens presents two new additions to the Sitrans LR100 series of 80 GHz radar transmitters. These high-frequency, compact transmitters deliver robust, reliable measurements even in the most challenging environments. Both deliver fast and easy setup. Sitrans LR140 features 4-20 mA simplicity and is configured via Bluetooth wireless technology and the Sitrans mobile IQ App. Sitrans LR150 offers a four-button user interface on an optional HMI for configuration or monitoring. Configura Read more...