Industrial Motors And Generators - Types, Applications And Manufacturers

Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy by a generator, whereas the motor does the opposite. It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Because of electromagnetic induction, both the devices work, which is when voltage is induced by a changing magnetic field. But, how is a motor different from a generator? The electric motors and generators are differentiated on various factors like the function of the motor and generator or main principle of working. It  also depends on the production or consumption of electricity, the existence of current in the winding.  Both motors and generators follow Fleming's rule. From the construction point of view, the motor and generator are almost similar, as both have stator and rotor.   

Electrical Motors

Ever since the invention of electricity, motor or electrical motor has brought one of the biggest advancements in the fields of technology and engineering. A motor is an electro-mechanical device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Different types of motors are available that have been developed for different specific purposes. Motors can be classified into DC, AC and Special motors.

DC Motors and AC Motors

Permanent magnetics, shunt, series, and others are different types of direct current (DC) motors, while reluctance motors, synchronous machines, and others are different types of AC motors. The electrical motors commonly find their applications in OEM based products, conveyor systems, fans, industrial machineries, pumps, and compressors. Through integration of sensors and electronic hardware, AC and DC motors can be developed. These sensors offers predictive maintenance and reduces downtime during maintenance.

Given below are the main applications of the three types of DC motors.

Applications Of Different Types Of DC Motors

1. Series Motors

The series motors are used in cranes, vacuum cleaner, traction system, sewing machine and air compressors etc.

2. Shunt Motors

Different applications of DC shunt motor are in conveyors, lifts, centrifugal pumps, spinning machines, fans, lathe machines, blowers, weaving machines.

3. Compound Motors

Compound motors are used generally in shears, conveyors, presses, heavy planners, rolling mills, elevators.

Applications Of Different Types Of AC Motors

Used in a large variety of applications, alternating current (AC) motors are low-cost and high-efficiency mechanisms. Consisting of a copper wounded stator that is magnetically driven and a rotor mechanism, AC motors offer a simple design. Various types and categories of AC motors have applications wherever electrical appliances are utilized, from heavy industrial to household environments.

1. Synchronous Motors

Used in high-precision drill machines and similar devices, synchronous AC motors find their major applications in areas where accuracy is important. Some of them are electromechanical robots, timers, speed controllers, clocks, metering pumps, and other industrial processes.

2. Induction Motors

These are the most common types of AC motors used in daily life processes. Induction motors are mainly used in kitchen appliances, water pumps, automobiles, fans and air conditioners and in common industrial machinery like compressors and boiler pumps.

3. Linear Motors

Compared to the conventional AC motors, linear AC motors are quite different in terms of functional and operational characteristics. Linear AC motors are widely used in roller coasters, monorails, ground-based rails, magnetic levitation lines, and similar transportation machinery.
4. Adjustable Speed Motors

Applicable in cargo pumps, electrical power plants, marine and land machinery, and water cooling equipments.

5. Universal Motors

Useful in a wide range of applications like commercial drill machines, high-power engineering, railway traction mechanisms, vacuum cleaners, dryers, industrial and kitchen blenders, and trimmers.

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Industrial Manufacturers Of Motors And Generators

The largest and most profitable motors and generators businesses, agencies, vendors, corporations, and firms in the world are below listed as the major motors and generators companies. If you are wondering what the biggest motors and generators companies are, then this list includes the most prominent motors and generators companies in the industry. The list covers names of both big and small motors and generators businesses.

List Of Electrical Manufacturing Companies

A) MIDEA Group

Headquartered in Beijiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, and listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Midea Group is a Chinese electrical appliance manufacturer. Midea group is world's leading technologies group in consumer appliances, robotics, industrial automation systems, HVAC systems and smart supply chain (logistics).
As per Industry research,

•    Market Capital as on July 1st 2019 - 52.28 billion USD.
•    World Rank - 236
•    Ranking in Shanghai Stocks - 16


Headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison, France, Schneider Electric SE is a French multinational corporation which manufactures electrical equipment. It's publicly traded on the Euronext Exchange, and is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. A Fortune Global 500 company, also based at the World Trade Center of Grenoble.

As per industry research,

•    Market Capital as on July 1st 2019 - 49.79 billion USD.
•    World Rank - 245
•    Ranking in Euronext Stocks - 30


Headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, it’s a Chinese major appliance manufacturer that manufacturers home appliances, electronics and air conditioners.

As per industry research,

•    Market Capital as on July 1st 2019 - 48.20 billion USD.
•    World Rank - 286
•    Ranking in Shanghai Stocks - 20


Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, ABB operates mainly in power, heavy electrical equipment, robotics and automation technology areas.

As per industry research,

•    Market Capital as on July 1st 2019 - 42.70 billion USD.
•    World Rank - 289
•    Ranking in NYSE - 166

Headquartered in Ferguson, Missouri, United States, Emerson Electric Co. is an American multinational corporation that manufactures products and provides engineering services for a wide range of commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

As per industry research,

•    Market Capital as on July 1st 2019 - 41.03 billion USD.
•    World Rank - 294
•    Ranking in NYSE - 169
List Of Generator Manufacturing Companies

When you are buying or renting a generator, these top generator manufacturers should come to mind.


Aggreko provides generators from 15KVA to 2000KVA in single units, as well as multi-megawatt packages using 1250KVA units, which are linked together. While construction cranes are usually powered by 250 or 320KVA generators, smaller sets are used to power piling machines, hand tools and port cabins. Aggreko provides customer with power packages, including design and engineering to operation and commissioning.


Manufacturers and distributors of power generators worldwide and the products found most popularly on construction sites are Himoinsa's 100KVA to 500KVA generators. Apart from this, they offer hybrid power gensets, diesel and gas, paralleling systems and lighting towers. The company's heavy range of diesel generators are available from 670kVA-3.000kVA and the industrial range (4kVA-800kVA).


Heidrive, headquartered in Kelheim, Germany, manufacturers and designs customized synchronous motion systems for various applications, including building and robotics technologies. Gears, electronic controls, and a range of motors are most of the products supplied by the company.


A world leading supplier of electrostatic measurement for high performance applications and high-voltage generation and control equipment. Manufactures and designs power supplies, high voltage amplifiers, piezo drivers for demanding applications. It also offers electrostatic voltmeters, surface resistance/resistivity meters, electrostatic sensors and detectors, ionizers for electrostatic discharge (ESD) applications and charged plate monitors.


One of the Nordic region's largest companies in power generation and electric drive systems. The company offers a broad range of electric generators, motors, power electronics, transmissions, winding materials, starter equipment and service on electric machines up to 20 tons.

Market Research :

Based on a report from Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2018–2025 -

In 2017, the global electric motor market size was $96,967.9 and by 2025 is projected to reach $136,496.1 million, growing at a CAGR of 4.5%. Factors such as torque requirements, speed, acceleration, angular movements and control make AC motors an ideal choice for robotic system manufacturers.