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Dynapar, a leading supplier of encoders and resolvers for motion feedback control, announces the launch of its AI25 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder product line. Dynapar EtherNet/IP encoders offer rugged and reliable performance combined with industry leading performance, high resolution and repeatability and the latest network features all at a competitive price point. The AI25 EtherNet/IP absolute encoder is rugged and reliable with an available durable stainless-steel housing, wide Read more...

Celera Motion, a leader in precision motion component and sub-system solutions and a business unit of Novanta Corporation is delighted to announce AuraTM Absolute Chip Encoder Series to its line of precision rotary and linear optical encoders with MicroE technology. Aura uses a short wave-length LED for precise absolute position decoding. An incremental scale track and advanced sensor produce pure sinewave signals, enabling high resolution interpolation with run-speeds greater than Read more...