VCC (Visual Communications Company, LLC)

VCC (Visual Communications Company, LLC)

2173 Salk Ave, Ste 175, Carlsbad, California, 92008,

AboutVCC (Visual Communications Company, LLC)

With over 40 years of experience as a global provider, we have the knowledge and the products to satisfy any application or product requirement. Our products stand out thanks to their excellent quality, innovative design, and ease of assembly. Our range of standard components is complemented by our value-added service, in which we offer components and assemblies customized according to a customer’s specific requirements.


VCC manufactures one of the world’s largest ranges of HMI products. Depending on the requirements in terms of environment and function, VCC customers will find the right solution for all applications and industries.

Value-added Services

Value-added services is defined as  individually modify our standard components in accordance with our customers’ needs. Depending on the design specifications, environmental requirements, we customize our standard components in close collaboration with our customers.

Assembly and Production

We are driven by the interaction between humans and machines. It is this drive that enables the qualified designers, engineers, and production teams at VCC to develop internationally award-winning components.

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