Seelistrasse 1 Haag (Rheintal), SANKT GALLEN, 9469 Switzerland


Pioneering Advance Vacuum Technology

VAT is the globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance vacuum valves, multi-valve units, vacuum modules and edge-welded metal bellows.

Global Market Leader

For high performance vacuum valves, mission-critical components for advanced R&D and manufacturing processes of semiconductors, LED, solar cells, displays and other high vacuum demanding products.

Broadest Valve Technology and Related Products Portfolio

  • Vacuum valves, gas inlet valves, multi valve modules (manifolds)
  • Vacuum chambers with integrated valves
  • Motion components (like wafer lift systems)
  • Edge welded metal bellows
  • Retrofitting, refurbishment and upgrading services
  • Custom engineering
  • Ultra-clean production

Cutting Edge Technology as Company Standard

Innovation and engineering excellence is the driving force behind VAT’s technology solutions and services. A high degree of customization on any VAT product or service signifies our strong focus to provide customers solutions without compromise.

Over the last 50 years this has earned us the world leading position in vacuum valves and related technologies.

VAT’s products and services are mainly required in semiconductor, display and solar panel manufacturing as well as in a wide range of industry and research applications that operate under special vacuum conditions.