Valve Accessories & Controls

Valve Accessories & Controls

200 Jade Park, Chelsea, AL 35043, United States

AboutValve Accessories & Controls

Valve Accessories and Controls markets quality products for controlling actuators in various flow control markets. The simple, but rugged products incorporate many years of direct industry experience, coupled with a genuine interest in customer feedback and satisfaction.


Valve Accessories & Controls, Inc. (VAC) is committed to providing a complete quality package that begins with a solid product design, quality construction, and ends with a very satisfied customer. Our simple straightforward approach to our product carries over to how we deal with customers and our employees. Quality matters … service matters … a positive attitude matters … character matters ….

We know customers have many choices and we want their choice to be VAC!!


Product testing is performed at all points in the process—from design prototyping to component testing, to assembly and to individual calibration testing, each unit is tested to ensure a customer receives exactly what they are paying for. Additional testing is performed in conjunction with specific applications and troubleshooting, providing customers with detailed reports to help improve customer communication and education.


A key aspect of marketing our product is inventory. We have a network of stocking distributors that support the local markets where they are located and serve. Additional factory inventory is maintained in our Service Center in Chelsea (Birmingham) Alabama where complete assemblies and spare parts are always “a day away.” This is an important aspect of our responsive service philosophy.

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