Testo do Brasil

Testo do Brasil

CEP: 13041-070 Campinas

AboutTesto do Brasil

Present in Brazil since 1999, Testo offers its customers and partners what is most important in measurement: certainty.Certainty of saving time and resources, protecting the environment and people's health, providing quality to the most varied goods and services. Located in Campinas, the Brazilian subsidiary serves distributors and customers from all over the country with a complete team of professionals.

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Present in Brazil since 1999, we have a team of qualified engineers and technical assistance to support all equipment. In addition, the company is proud to have its own laboratory with RBC certification.

We are headquartered in the interior of São Paulo, in the city of Campinas, a strategic region and hub for several industries. We serve the entire country through our sales force and also through partner distributors.

Our products have German design and technology and comply with various standards and regulations.

Our motivation

At Testo, we understand exactly what our customers need. Therefore, one of the central tasks is to be constantly attentive to new technologies, always giving priority to innovation. We, as a market leader, are concerned with the entire product process and also provide service support (calibration and technical assistance). We are committed to effective sales, after-sales and also to all application phases.

Testo is known for its desire to make tomorrow better than today, with quality products and services all over the world. And this is one of the reasons for the growth in the number of customers every day