Teledyne Relays

Teledyne Relays

12525 Daphne Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250-3384 USA

AboutTeledyne Relays

Teledyne Relays is Everywhereyoulook™, providing switching solutions for aviation, test & measurement equipment, industrial control, and military & space applications. With bandwidths from DC - 18GHz and signal integrity up to 40Gbps, Teledyne’s ultraminiature surface-mountable relays are perfect for high frequency and high throughput applications. Teledyne Relays offers industrial solid state relays for precise heating, lighting and motor control. For extreme environments and integration into ultraquality military systems, Teledyne offers military solid state relays.

Everywhereyoulook™​ Teledyne Relays provides switching solutions for a technically diverse world, offering quality products designed for wide-ranging applications: aviation, SATCOM, telecommunications, high frequency signal routing, test & measurement equipment, ATE systems, and medical devices. Teledyne Relays also offers high-performance relays designed to survive the rugged conditions required for oil & gas exploration, industrial control, and military & space applications. With over 50 years of experience as an industry leader, Teledyne Relays is committed to innovating new products to support emerging technologies within wireless communication, industry-wide automation, and the Internet of Things. ​​​

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