Syspro Automation

Syspro Automation

Rúa dos Padróns, 12 - Porto do Molle 36350 Nigrán Pontevedra

AboutSyspro Automation

Our team

We have an international team with over 80 engineers with a wide range of profiles and extensive technological expertise.

Independence guaranteed

We work independently with technologies and brands, always on the lookout for solutions that meet our customers' needs.

Your partner

We seek to build long-term relationships to get to know your plant in detail, in order to plan, adapt and propose the best solutions.

Knowledge Base

We have an organised structure that is dedicated to providing support and ongoing training to our technical staff, ensuring the highest quality at all times.

Experts in pharma and biotech

We have extensive knowledge in the sector and more than 260,000 hours of work in GMP projects,with leading industrial firms in Europe and the United States.

Values and confidentiality

We treat all information from our customers with total confidentiality. We value and respect our CSR, quality and environmental policies.