SWG Steel Technology SRL

SWG Steel Technology SRL

via S. Severo, 43 21040 Oggiona With S. Stefano (Va) ITALY

AboutSWG Steel Technology SRL


SWG wants to associate members' experiences to found a state-of-the-art company for the demands of modern industry, providing multi-year experience, engineering innovation that characterizes the founder's thoughts.

SWG wants to be the ideal partner for the production of circular saw machines and banda machines for the new cutting industry characterized by automation, energy saving and total flexibility, enabling its customers to be more competitive.


Born and raised in the mechanical industry field, Tiziano has thirty years of experience in the metal industry.

Thanks to its machining skills on different machineries and the management skills of the Workshop and Company, it transforms the small artisan family business into a small leader industry into the large-scale manufacturing market.

The most important companies in Lombardy and beyond, rely on Meccanica Chiodin Srl as a valuable collaborator and trusted partner.


Twenty years of experience in the field of high performance cutting, first in the design of cutting machines (High Speed Circular Saws machine, Bimetal and Carbide Band Saws machine), and then direct the end users directly into the choice and development of the tool, collaborating with the world's largest manufacturers of HSS and TCT circular blades.

Successes, especially in the tool branch, associated with the cutting machine manufacturer's background, provide an optimum mix of experience and efficient solution in the major cutting problems of their customers.