Stenhøj Hydraulik A/S

Stenhøj Hydraulik A/S

Sigurd Stenhøj Vej 27150 BarritDenmark

AboutStenhøj Hydraulik A/S

Since 1917, Stenhøj Hydraulik has manufactured and marketed advanced and innovative products for the automotive and manufacturing industry.

At STENHØJ HYDRAULIK A/S, we specialise in design and production of:

Electromechanical Broaching Machines

Hydraulic presses

Hydraulic truck chassis beam bending machines

We are a technology driven company. We strive to be at the forefront of the market with creative technical solutions to complex challenges.

Our business is based on expert knowledge. We have something we are proud of - competent and dedicated employees - dedicated to solving our customers' needs.

People are at the core of our success

We want to be exceptional in everything we do. We seek, and are committed, to operating safely, achieving outstanding performance and the best outcomes.

We work together to achieve more through our unified culture and shared knowledge.

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