Staticon Ltd

Staticon Ltd

5-390 Tapscott Road Scarborough, Ontario Canada M1B 2Y9

AboutStaticon Ltd

Incorporated in 1964, Staticon Ltd. is an established Canadian company specialized in the design, manufacture and applications of essential, electrical DC and AC power supply equipment.

A burgeoning market for infrastructure, automation and telecommunications translates into a growth industry for requisite power systems. Over 75,000 Staticon power modules and systems have been produced by us, many of which are in service worldwide.

Our mission is to increase our market participation as a provider of power solutions with the high product quality and entrepreneurial spirit characteristic of Staticon to date.

Staticon Power Products

Station power products encompass a complete spectrum of applications requiring a wide range of power. Standard AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC power conversion modules, AC line conditioners and transfer systems configure a variety of optimum power systems. Such systems, designed and manufactured by Staticon and used with current battery technology, provide complete power solutions to our customers.

Motive power products are industrial battery chargers for use with electric lift trucks, plant vehicles, mine vehicles and automatic conveyance systems.

Our products are often chosen for critical applications in harsh environments and remote sites, and are in service in North and South America, Asia and the Middle East.

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